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Created      :  Summer 2016

System       :  PC & Mac

Info            :  Senior Capstone Project

Description:  You are Cletus. Cletus is an exterminator. He's made his list - and everyone has been naughty!  Collect vermin during the day and then distribute them to deserving parties while they sleep! Everyone on your list will be compensated for their infractions. Oh yes.

Role           :  Producer, Level Designer & 3D Modeler

The Shrine:


Created      :  Winter 2016

System       :  PC

Info            :  Global Game Jam

Description: 3rd person stalking game. You're a demented stalker and must steal your biggest treasure yet! He musn't know. Run into his office, steal what item you think is most important to him and then make your escape. Based on a true story.

Role           :  3D Modeling & Concept

Southern Roundup:


Created      : Winter 2015

System       : PC

Info            : Class Project

Description: You are a tornado ripping through the deep south of the U.S.  Your time is limited, as tornados do not live forever. Toss and Destroy the environment for points!

Role           : Programmer & Lead Designer

USS Oregon:


Created      : Winter 2015

System       : PC

Info            : Serious Games

Description: USS Oregon is a Adventure Drama where you must take one of your people's last warships back to your homeworld to save your planet. Based on psychological Lifeboat Ethics the player must choose their actions through an interactive fiction interface. Balance fuel, food and survivors as resources and survive the trip back home.

Role           : Writer, Producer, & Artist

Take me to your Liter:


Created      : Spring 2015

System       : PC

Info            : Advanced Game Workshop.

Description: Take me to your Liter is a local two player arcade game where you and your opponent both attempt to capture the most humans. Drop your captives in the Liter jar on the bottom of the map for points.  Attack your opponent and make them drop their supply of humans. The alien with the most captures wins! (beat the clock.)

Role           : Producer & Artist



Created      : Fall 2014

System       : PC

Info            : Solo Project

Description: Carnival Shooter. 3 Shots given. Knock as many clowns as possible!

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